How To Buy ADA

How to buy Cardano (ADA)

Before you buy ADA you should know what it is. Click here to read about ADA written in simple English.

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1.Make a wallet.

One of the safest website to create a wallet is Since ADA is a Coin  it can be stored on daedaluswallet.

  • To make a wallet go to and click on new wallet tab.
  • Enter your a password and click create new wallet.
  • Save your private key and write it down on a separate piece of paper.

For detailed instruction on How to Open an Ethereum wallet click here.


2. Buy Ether on local Ethereum.

1. Once we have created and saved the private key of the Ether Wallet we need to buy some ether which we can convert into Cardano (ADA). is a decentralized P2P platform to buy Ether anywhere in the world.

3. Switching Ether to Cardano (ADA)

Now that you have ether you can switch that to any other coin. In this case we will be switching it to Cardano (ADA).

  1. Go to switchmycrypto.comSelect ether




2. Choose ether on left side. Choose Cardano on the other side.




3. Enter your wallet address (Your ether wallet address is the one which starts with 0x) and other details. As this is an ether token the recipient address, Cardano(ADA) address, and the sender address, your ether address, are the same.



4, Sending the ether. (Guide on how to send ether.)Sending eth and Entering TXD



5. Enter the transaction id(found after sending ether) and click send invoice.


4. Viewing your Cardano(ADA)

  1. Go to and click on download.  NOTE:

2. Click on create wallet and give your wallet a name.

create ADA wallet

3. Click on the receive button and you see your wallet address(in red) which is to be added in the wallet address field.

  1. ADA wallet address
We will do this whole process for you if you think it is confusing. Enter you details here.

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